Heated display

Whichever heated Dorégrill display you choose, there’s no better way to showcase your products! Choose from traditional, self-service, pan or even pizza modules! Personalize your window with the text of your choice, or your company logo.

In standard or custom colors (optional), our heated displays feature flat or curved windows in tempered glass for enhanced resistance to temperature changes. On some of our closed models, you can find sliding reflective rear windows for an excellent mirror finish. There is also a tubular stainless steel or brass bumper, protecting the displays from any bumps and scrapes caused by employees or customers.

For all Dorégrill heated displays (except “table-top” models), there is also a locked cabinet underneath for more storage space. Concealed casters are fitted with brakes are included, giving you the mobility you need.

Come and discover all of Dorégrill’s heated displays, designed to keep products warm while a vendor serves them, and our heated self-service displays created for easy client access. You can also diversify your product range with our excellent range of pan and pizza modules!

Products characteristics :

  • Standard colors (please state when you place your order: black, red or burgundy)
  • Additional colors are available as an optional extra
  • Curved and straight tempered-glass windows
  • Reflective sliding rear windows for a mirror effect (on closed models)
  • Vitro-ceramic heat lamps (except for chilled and neutral models and MPC)
  • Locked lower storage cabinet (except table-top models)
  • Tubular front bumper in stainless steel or brass
  • Optimal mobility with concealed pivoting casters and brakes.
  • Digital thermostat
  • Decoration: you can add your own text or logo