Personal data management

Personal data, collected during requests for contact, information, reply or job applications on the site and hosted on OVH servers, undergo digital processing.

These data are handled by the manager, the Managing/Communications/Marketing Director Paul BERTHO, who is the sole recipient of the data issuing from requests for contacts, business and human resources, so that he can then reply to users.

The data from requests for information are handled by the Managing Director, who is in charge of handling the data in order to provide a response to these requests.

These also come from forms:

  • Contact us
  • Quote request
  • Client services request

The data will never be used for other purposes than those intended, nor will they be submitted to any partners without the consent of the owner of the data. No personal information other than that requested as such is collected without the knowledge of the people concerned. The data collected may also be copied into a declared client file, as previously with the National Committee for Computers and Freedom.

Additionally, the data collected are preserved for a maximum of 6 years from the date they are collected by the data handling director.

Moreover, the personal data collected via data handling processes for the present site are not subject to any submission outside of the European Union.

Additionally, data passing through the site are subject to constant monitoring in terms of their security and confidentiality. In addition to an HTTPS website, access to the back-office of the site is possible using complex, highly-protected usernames and passwords, in addition to double-authentication protection. This is also true for the e-mail inbox used to receive the personal data from users and clients.

Moreover, is equipped with various security modules, preventing as much as possible any malevolent intrusions and data leaks.

However, the user of this site or the client may at any time submit a claim to the National Commission for Computers and Freedom (CNIL), the French regulatory authority.

Lastly, in accordance with articles 15 and subsequent articles of the General Data Protection Regulations, the user of this site has the right to access, rectify, delete and restrict access to any data concerning them, and the right to oppose any data treatment in place via the website and the following page: Exercise your rights.