Déco: traditional and panoramic


For a 180° view of your
perfectly roasted products

Building on the success of our traditional basket-roast rotisserie ovens, the DÉCO series features a third (side) window for a panoramic view of your products as they roast. It is fully enameled and illuminated by double quartz lighting. It’s quite a show!



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Picto produit : Électrique
Picto produit : Balancelle
Key product advantages

Technical advantages for optimal use


15 to 36 chickens, depending on the model and weight of the chickens.


Baskets for chickens, roasting joints and more; a static grill and oven mode for pizzas and other dishes; or central spit for larger joints - which will you choose?

Elegance and accessibility

3 glass windows (all of them can open), with a choice of positions for the side window and control panel (left or right), plus double quartz lighting with vitro-ceramic protection.

Easy to clean

The interior can be entirely dismantled.


5 or 6 stainless steel baskets driven by a powerful motor, heat generated by 3 reinforced infrared “incoloy” elements, and a high-temperature seal joint (for energy savings).


Integrated and protected control buttons, roast control using double thermostat settings, automatic cool-down to “keep-warm” mode once the cooking timer elapses.

Technical characteristics
Model Length Height Depth N° of baskets Power Hourly capacity
(depending on weight)
RB 15 Déco 870 mm 880 mm 780 mm 5 6.70 kW 15 Vol.
RB 20 Déco 1140 mm 970 mm 810 mm 5 9.10 kW 20 Vol.
RB 30 Déco 1140 mm 970 mm 810 mm 6 10 kW 30 Vol.


Étuve Length Height Depth Power
EB 15 870 mm 790 mm 730 mm 2.30 kW
EB 20/30 1140 mm 880 mm 750 mm 3.30 kW
Special Features

Colors available

Standard interior   Traffic red (RAL 3020) or   Pale ivory (RAL 1015)

Any other color can be requested.