Magflam: large flames


Experience the glory of traditional rotisserie cooking

The quality of this rotisserie oven comes down to the choice of excellent materials and the artisanal craftsmanship, which gives it a superb finish. Made entirely from stainless steel and enamel, the fire bricks and cast iron panels emphasize the authentic, traditional feel of Heritage rotisserie cooking.



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Key product advantages

The technical features of a timeless rotisserie oven


“Radiating Cast-Iron” cooking (patented by DOREGRILL). “Live Flame” outlets, giving clients the theatre of traditional roasting.


40 to 56 chickens, depending on the model.


A high-quality finish and combination of excellent materials (enamel and stainless steel), fire brick lining, front piece with back-lit “Rôtisserie” logo, two waterproof vitro-ceramic lights and silver-plated brass tap fittings with the DORÉGRILL logo.


Heat protection with 4 tempered glass windows (for MAGFLAM 8), large emergency stop button, glass door handles with carbon washer heat insulation, hinges connected to an “open window” shut-off system.

Easy to clean

The interior can be fully dismantled, and the inside corners are rounded.


Equipped with 8 Simplifil® spits (adjustable depth), mounted on a removable stainless steel bar support. Burner covers are provided to assist cleaning and protect burners not in use. Spits are inserted directly onto powerful independent motors. Spring-mounted motor protection panels (to prevent fat from entering the motor housing). Drip tray at the bottom with drain tap. Optimal mobility with pivoting casters and brakes.


Propane or natural gas. Major gas savings, thanks to the new regulation system and more efficient new burners.


Technical characteristics
Model Length Height (no trolley) Height (with trolley/cabinet) Depth Number of spits Capacity per hour (dependent on weight)
MAGFLAM 3 1480 mm 950 mm 1790 mm 690 mm 3 18/21 Vol.
MAGFLAM 5 1480 mm 1310 mm 1790 mm 690 mm 5 30/35 Vol.
MAGFLAM 8 1480 mm 1850 mm 1970 mm 690 mm 8 48/56 Vol.
MAGFLAM 3 (short) 1110 mm 950 mm 1790 mm 690 mm 3 15/18 vol.
MAGFLAM 5 (short) 1110 mm 1310 mm 1790 mm 690 mm 5 20/25 Vol.
MAGFLAM 8 (short) 1110 mm 1850 mm 1970 mm 690 mm 8 32/40 Vol.


Model Gas NHO* Gas Propane G31 Nat. gas 20MB
MAGFLAM 3 17.3 kW 1.35 kg/h 1.8 m3/h
MAGFLAM 5 34.6 kW 2.7 kg/h 3.6 m3/h
MAGFLAM 8 51.9 kW 4.05 kg/h 5.4 m3/h
MAGFLAM 3 (short) 13.0 kW 1.10 kg/h 1.5 m3/h
MAGFLAM 5 (short) 26.0 kW 2.20 kg/h 3.0 m3/h
MAGFLAM 8 (short) 39.0 kW 3.30 kg/h 4.5 m3/h

* Nominal heat output


Special Features

Colors available

  • Standard   Sécurit Black (RAL 9004)
  • Optional   Purple-red (RAL 3004) or   Traffic red (RAL 3020)
  • Other colors are available.