Spit-roasts rotisserie ovens

Roast your meat the old-fashioned way with Dorégrill’s professional spit-roast rotisserie ovens. Each one is elegantly designed and made in France, with an enamel finish to ensure an easy clean.

Whether you choose a gas or electric rotisserie oven, Dorégrill spit-roast rotisserie ovens are specially designed for intensive use by professional meat roasters, supermarkets and holiday destinations. SimplifilⓇ spits (Dorégrill patent) can be adjusted to bring them closer or further from the heat, and are powered by independent motors. Depending on the model, you can roast up to 56 chickens per hour.

These eye-catching rotisserie ovens and their walls of roasting meat will leave your clients’ mouths watering. Thanks to the huge windows, your roasting chickens become a spectacular center-piece. Cooked by radiating gas burners or reinforced infrared “incoloy” elements, these offer excellent value for money too. Each internal part can be taken down for easy cleaning, and the inner corners are rounded to prevent grease building up.

You will also love the MagFlam, a flaming rotisserie oven which brings the authentic feel of traditional spit-roasting with its live flames, fire bricks and cast-iron panels. Dorégrill has done it again, with the fully patented “Radiating Cast Iron” cooking technology.

Dorégrill spit-roast rotisserie ovens combine classic meat roasting with unparalleled efficiency!