Néogrill: modern and easy to clean


Efficiency and performance
for maximum flavor

Simple, effective and versatile: this rotisserie oven is designed to make your life easier.



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An innovative basket design

The Stand-Up® basket, a new Dorégrill patent designed to make your life easier... Chickens are roasted vertically, increasing the roast capacity. With only three bars, these baskets are lightweight, easy to clean and are a great way to promote your product.

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Key product advantages

Technical features to enhance your performance


16 to 24 chickens per hour, depending on the model.


4 Stand-Up® stainless steel baskets driven by a powerful motor, heating provided by 3 reinforced “incoloy” infrared elements.


A new, extra-flat touchscreen panel, thermostat roast adjustment, automatic cool-down to “keep-warm’ mode.


An innovative design, a large glass surface area, double quartz lighting protected by vitro-ceramics.


Opens on both sides, the interior can be entirely dismantled, red enameled sheet metal and deep-printed glass.


Protection by tempered glass, protected access to the drip tray.


380 V + N + E (220 V mono or three-phase, optional).


Technical characteristics
Model Length Height Depth N° of baskets Power Hourly capacity
(depending on weight)
N1 850 mm 775 mm 720 mm 4 7.3 kW 16 Chk
N2 1070 mm 775 mm 720 mm 4 9.1 kW 24 Chk
Neol 860 mm 1930 mm 960 mm - 9.9 kW -


Oven Length Height Depth Power
E.N1 850 mm 940 mm 700 mm 2.30 kW
E.N2 1070 mm 940 mm 700 mm 3.30 kW


Combined rotisserie oven and SS display

Néol, the combined rotisserie oven and self-service display

Display technical characteristics (V85.LS)

  • 2 stainless steel shelves, with the upper shelf shallower
  • Lighting and vitro-ceramic protection
  • Windows on each side for a panoramic view
  • Heated shelves
  • Client service at the front
  • Compact
  • Black cladding
  • Easy to move with 4 casters (2 with brakes)
  • Optional: traditional service (front closed using 2 sliding windows)
  • Capacity: up to 20 chickens


4 Stand-Up® stainless steel baskets driven by a powerful motor, heating provided by 3 reinforced “incoloy” infrared elements.

  • Height: 1930mm
  • Depth: 900mm
  • Width: 850mm


  • Current: 380 V + N + E
  • Power: 10.22 Kw
  • Comes with male 20 Amp plug
  • Weight: 198 kg