Famille : Accessoires

Accessories and consumables

Whether you’ve chosen a spit-roast or basket-roast, gas or electric, you now need the accessories to make the most of your rotisserie oven!

Discover the great selection of Dorégrill rotisserie equipment and consumables, made especially for professional rotisserie ovens.

Why not enhance your spit-roast rotisserie oven with a multi-use basket, extra spits, a divider tray or even a plash-guard rack? You may also need a special large roast basket or a chicken thigh basket - with these accessories, your basket-roast rotisserie oven can adapt to any business, from dedicated meat roaster to supermarket.

Leave nothing to chance: make sure you’ve got a trolley, hood, giant pan and cleaning module. These rotisserie accessories will improve your user comfort and organization on a daily basis.

While you’re stocking up on consumables, don’t forget a pair of protective gloves - they’re designed to withstand high temperatures. And when you need to clean your professional rotisserie ovens, baskets and spits, try “Décagrill”, the powerful rotisserie cleaning agent. This makes light work of baked-on grease, and makes your life easier.

In addition to the excellent series of rotisserie ovens, come and discover a wide range of Dorégrill accessories that will ensure that your products are cooked, displayed and served under the best possible conditions.