Sensup: panoramic oven with easy cleaning


The new panoramic rotisserie oven with easy cleaning

The SENSUP will meet all your needs! The revolutionary automatic steam cleaning system and non-stick red enameled interior will save you valuable time. What’s more, the three-window panoramic view will have your clients’ mouths watering.



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Key product advantages

Specially designed to make your life easier


A panoramic view, a modern, innovative design to the smallest details, right- or left-side control panel, powerful lighting by 2 quartz lamps.

Easy to clean

A 15 minute steam program for easy cleaning, removable double-glazed doors and sides, a removable central support, an integrated quick-drain drip tray, an enameled interior, a non-reflective and extra-flat digital control panel.


Optimal performance, every time


“Multi-directional” infra-red, fan-assisted cooking, 6 to 9 stainless steel baskets, traditional oven function, 20 to 45 chickens per hour (depending on chicken weight).


380 V + N + E, optional 220 V three-phase


Glass double doors, digital thermostat for temperature control from 20 to 240 °C, automatic switch to “keep warm” mode when finished cooking, temperature probe (optional).

Technical characteristics
Model Length Height Depth Number
of baskets
Power Capacity per hour
(dependent on weight)
S6 1030 mm 910 mm 780 mm 6 850 mm 11.300 kW 20/30 chickens
S9 T1030 mm 1090 mm 960 mm 9 735 mm 15.900 kW 30/45 chickens
ES6 1030 mm 990 mm 780 mm 3 lev.   3.300 kW  
ES9 1030 mm 990 mm 960 mm 3 lev.   3.300 kW  
Meuble S6 1140 mm 890 mm 740 mm        
Meuble S9 1140 mm 765 mm 1205 mm        


Model Length Height Depth Number of baskets Voltage Socket Voltage 380 V + N + E Power
CONCEPT SENSUP & V110 Rotisserie SENSUP S6 + V110 SL2 1105 mm 2040 mm 910 mm 6 380 V + N + T 32 A 17,8 kW
Combined S6 and V110 SS


A compact all-rounder: the winning combination!

An innovative and smart solution, allowing you to roast and display your products simultaneously. Covering approximately one square meter, with no need for extraction, this mobile design is perfect at the end of an aisle or against a wall. The ideal way to spur impulse buys! Elegant and eminently convenient, it’s the perfect way to boost your sales!


  • 2 heated stainless steel shelves
  • Products are heated directly through contact
  • Quartz lighting and vitro-ceramic protection
  • 20°-90°C temperature regulation (client side display)
  • Lateral windows on the left and right for maximum visibility
  • Visibility on 3 sides
  • Tempered glass shelf fronts, to keep the products in place
  • Easy to move with 4 casters (2 with brakes)
  • The two units can be taken apart if needed
  • Integrated quick-drain vegetable tray


  • Length: 1105 mm Depth: 910 mm Height: 2040 mm


  • Current: 380 V + N + E, optional 220 V three-phase
  • Socket: 32 Amp - Power: 17.8 kW