Nantaise: the robust rotisserie oven that does it all, and more!


Strength and simplicity:
the nantaise, a sound investment

A basket-roast rotisserie oven that combines simplicity of use with excellent automatic features. Efficient, versatile and reliable, it is designed to save you time. It can be fully dismantled too for easy cleaning. It’s one of a kind!



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Key product advantages

Technical advantages for daily use


12 to 30 chickens, depending on the model and weight of the chickens.

Easy to clean

The interior can be entirely dismantled.


4 or 5 stainless steel baskets driven by a powerful motor, heat generated by 3 reinforced infrared “incoloy” elements. Heat-proof sides (for energy savings)


Cooking control using a thermostat from 20-300°, automatic cool-down to “keep-warm” mode once the timer elapses. Polished stainless steel, superior quality. Tempered SECURIT glass, front and back.


Waterproof vitro-ceramic lighting. “Cold” Bakelite handles to open the windows

Technical characteristics
Model Length Height Depth N° of baskets Power Hourly capacity
(according to weight)
RB 12 NE 840 mm 730 mm 600 mm 4 6.32 kW 12 Vol.
RB 16 NE 1100 mm 850 mm 680 mm 4 8.70 kW 16 Vol.
RB 24 NE 1100 mm 850 mm 680 mm 5 9.70 kW 24/30 Vol.
RB 48 NE 1100 mm 1090 mm 990 mm 8 13.70 kW 48 Vol.


Étuve Length Height Depth Power
EB 12 870 mm 790 mm 730 mm 2.30 kW
EB 16/24 1140 mm 880 mm 750 mm 3.30 kW
EB 48 1140 mm 760 mm 1010 mm 3.30 kW
Special Features

Colors available

  • Standard exterior   Traffic red (RAL 3020)
  • Optional   Sécurit black (RAL 9004)   Moss green (RAL 6005)   Gentian blue (RAL 5010)   Stainless steel
  • Standard interior   Traffic red (RAL 3020)
  • Optional   Pale ivory (RAL 1015).
  • Any other color can be requested.