Our plan for the planet:

We’ve rethought and reduced the energy consumption of every machine we make.

Our engineers have been able to reduce electricity consumption by 30%, gas consumption by 40% and water consumption by 25% without sacrificing any rotisserie performance.

We insulate the bodies of our rotisserie ovens using innovative new materials, including some used in Formula 1.

We’ve overhauled our production methods

Over the past five years, we have optimized our sheet metal cutting to reduce loss and waste. Today, 95% of our stainless steel is used in production.

We’ve upgraded our office and factory spaces

In an effort to reduce heat loss in winter, we have implemented new insulation to keep heat in and reduce our natural gas consumption.

Our packaging:

The spare parts we send you are packaged in 70% recycled cardboard.

In 2020, we switched to paperless invoices

This has had a major impact on our carbon footprint: less paper, fewer envelopes and much less transport needed.