Baskets-roast rotisserie ovens

Designed for catering and mass retail professionals, Dorégrill basket-roast rotisserie ovens are  made in France nd provide efficiency, versatility and reliability, every single day.

Your clients will enjoy a mouthwatering display of roasting chickens, thanks to the panoramic roasting windows. The Néol and Néobox models combine showcase rotisserie with a self-service display for your clients.

With a capacity of 12 to 45 chickens per hour (depending on the product range), our professional rotisserie ovens deploy a powerful roasting system: stainless steel roasting baskets, a powerful motor and reinforced “incoloy” heating elements which combine circulating hot air with direct infrared cooking. Enjoy tender, golden and crispy chickens, every time! Dorégrill rotisserie ovens are designed to make your life easier: touchscreen displays or mechanical controls, quartz lighting with vitro-ceramic protection, “keep-warm” mode and more. Make sure you check out our revolutionary automatic steam cleaning system. No need to take it apart at the end of the day - your electric rotisserie oven practically cleans itself!

With capacities from 12 to 45 chickens and a range of colors available, you’re sure to find the right rotisserie oven for you!